Explore the Florida Outdoors at Eden Gardens State Park

30A and Destin offer an abundance of nature activities for outdoor lovers, even aside from the blue water beaches! If you’re feeling a call from nature, we have the perfect answer. Eden Gardens State Park is one of our favorite local parks with plenty to do and see. Plus, it’s just minutes away! Here are three things you can expect you find at Eden Gardens State Park.  

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3 Things to Enjoy at Eden Gardens State Park 

Historic Wesley Homestead 

There’s plenty to do around Eden Gardens State Park! This 163-acre park is part of the historic Wesley Homestead circa 1897, which remains a stunning focal point of the area. You can choose to admire the grand, white-columned home from the outside as your stroll the gardens under giant oak trees and hanging moss, or you can opt for a tour of the mansion’s interior. 

Canoeing and Fishing 

Nothing beats saltwater fishing in the Tucker Bayou! Guests are invited to fish off the dock or from the seawall, assuming you’ve obtained a fishing license. Every great fisher knows half the fun and relaxation comes from the scenery, and we know you won’t be disappointed by what you see here. Plus, you never know what might snag your line next. There’s a wide variety of fish to catch here.  


Pack the PB&J’s and enjoy a meal on the grounds! There’s no place more picturesque and appropriate for an afternoon picnic. These grounds practically beg for a romantic lunch in the grass under the wild oaks. You can find picnic tables scattered around the gardens or go old-school with a blanket in the grass. There are also pavilions in the park to accommodate larger groups of visitors with a grill for wonderful summer cookouts with the whole family!  

Bonus Secret: Eden Gardens State Park is also a lovely wedding venue! The large oak trees and wrap-around front porch are commonly seen in wedding photos. Plus, you can also bring your own photographer to snap some family photos while visiting.  

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