When you book your stay through Your Friend at the Beach, you’ll find that you’re not just a number but an integral part of a passionate team of hospitality professionals excited to share the destinations they love with others. The Your Friend at the Beach team has grown personal condo rentals into an award-winning boutique rental agency proud to serve guests from near and far year after year. Each team member plays an important role in helping travelers realize their vacation dreams and ensuring every day of their stay is a one-of-a-kind experience. At Your Friend at the Beach, our team knows that it takes an above-and-beyond approach to customer care to leave a lasting impression, and our love for our work shows with every booking.

The Your Friend at the Beach (YFAB) Mission & Story

Meet Our Team

On our team, a sense of family and friendship is woven throughout everything we do. At Your Friend at the Beach, we know it takes a dedicated community of people coming together with the same goal in mind to provide exceptional service. Here, we’re proud to be a part of a team built on years of experience, inspiration, and respect for those we serve at every turn. We take time to really get to know our guests in the same way we value the opportunity to work alongside and get to know one another!

Our team is made up of committed professionals with backgrounds of all types. Together, we create an unstoppable team with a firm focus on helping travelers enjoy exceptional adventures across 30A and Destin. Our team has hospitality professionals working hard for the cause as well as website developers and marketing experts reaching our valued guests across the board.

  • Communication specialists on our team ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Maintenance technicians make sure all of our properties are not only in prime shape but that guests know who to call when any questions or issues arise.
  • Our housekeeping professionals work hard day in and day out to make sure guests enjoy a fantastic and healthy stay with every reservation.
  • From our social media gurus to our team members who expertly handle our concierge services, every person here has an important role to play.

Nancy Geppert Fox

Founder of YFAB


Larry Snyder

Partner at YFAB


Roslyn A. Snyder

Guest Reservations & Marketing


Tori Stapleton

Concierge, Guest Services, Marketing


Adam Stapleton

The "Go-to" Maintenance Guy


Stephanie Davis

Housekeeping Director at Villa Coyaba


Jaime Mitchell

Head of Housekeeping

Find Your Spot in the Sand With Your Friend at the Beach

While all of us at Your Friend at the Beach are like family, others of us actually are family and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our strong connections to one another and commitment to excellence in service give us that special something guests are looking for when booking a vacation rental run by professionals they can trust. We make sure our guests know that we care and that we’re here to make sure each day of their stay is an amazing experience. Destin and 30A offer up the sensational scenery but at Your Friend at the Beach, our team is here to handle the accommodations and guest experience details that make all the difference in a stay. Take some time to get to know us today!

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