Adventure Awaits on the Timpoochee Trail!

30A, Florida, is one of the world’s finest beach destinations. Did you know that there are also plenty of opportunities for hiking and biking here? The Timpoochee Trail is an 18.6-mile, paved route that winds past some of the Gulf Coast of Florida’s most stunning scenery. Read on to learn more about this popular spot for outdoor recreation on 30A! Then, for a comprehensive list of the best local excursions, events, and restaurants along this scenic highway, be sure to access our free YFAB’s Vacation Guide!

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All You Need to Know About the Timpoochee Trail on 30A

What Makes the Timpoochee Trail So Special?

One of the most popular 30A bike trails is the Timpoochee Trail. This long stretch of mostly flat, paved trail was named after an influential Euchee Indian chief. Believe it or not, the trail traces the entire length of scenic Highway 30A! It stretches past many of the area’s coastal dune lakes, land formations found only in a few other parts of the world! There are countless sights worth seeing along the trail including restaurants, shops, and even famous filming locations. Due to its length, this trail is an ideal way to achieve your exercise goals while enjoying a day trip with your active family!

Noteworthy Stops to Make Along the Trail

The Truman Show Filming Location

One of the coastal communities connected by the Timpoochee Trail is Seaside. This colorful, beachy borough is where The Truman Show was filmed! You’ll immediately recognize the pastel-hued homes and white picket fences that appeared in the famous film.

Coastal Dune Lakes

Some of the most spectacular points of interest along this trail are the coastal dune lakes that contribute to 30A’s unique geography. The lakes situated along the Timpoochee include Draper Lake (at mile marker 4), Big Redfish Lake (around mile marker 5), Western Lake (at mile marker 8), Eastern Lake (around mile marker 12), and Camp Creek Lake (at mile marker 15).

Blue Mountain

Just right around the corner from our Blue Mountain Beach vacation rentals, you’ll discover the neighborhood’s namesake: Blue Mountain. This enormous sand dune constitutes the highest point of elevation on Florida’s Gulf Coast and provides plenty of worthwhile restaurants and shops.

The Public Splash Fountain at Seacrest

Around mile marker 16, you’ll discover the beach neighborhood of Seacrest. This community offers a public splash fountain, which is especially perfect for kids who have made the long but rewarding journey with you from mile marker 1. Then, enjoy the shade of a towering, ancient oak at one of Rosemary Beach’s green spaces.

What to Keep in Mind Before Visiting

You’ll find that the trail is easily accessible from nearly every part of 30A. No matter where you stay, you’ll be able to walk to most 30A things to do, including the Timpoochee Trail. If you’re driving, however, there are public beach parking lots located near just about every mile marker. Note that South Walton parks charge between $2 and $6 (cash or check) for access. Every public beach access point offers water fountains and restrooms for your convenience.

Return to Comfort and Luxury with Your Family After a Fun Day!Beach view from inside Adagio C205 near the Timpoochee Trail

If you’re planning on taking advantage of 30A’s beautiful trail systems, you’re going to need a comfortable and conveniently located place to stay! Our luxury beachfront condo rentals in Santa Rosa Beach and Blue Mountain Beach provide spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico. What’s more? They’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Timpoochee Trail! Rest your tired muscles at the end of the day at one of our beautiful properties, which offer plenty of room for the entire family to relax together. You’ll also be able to take advantage of premium amenities and extensive concierge services such as beach photography, grocery shopping, and more.

It’s time to plan your next adventure at the beach! Check our availability today and start looking forward to your trip. See you soon!