Grocery Service

Wouldn’t it be great to arrive at your condo to find a fully stocked refrigerator? With Your Friend at the Beach’s grocery service, this is possible! Whether you want just enough groceries to get you through the first 24 hours or enough for your whole trip, we can have all of your items purchased, delivered and put away before you even arrive. Grocery delivery is one of our favorite services to offer. It is so nice to have this chore complete and it is so simple to do. All you have to do is submit your grocery list to The Beach Butlers and they will handle the rest!

  • Your credit card will be charged once groceries have been shopped
  • Please submit your list as soon as you have your items together, the sooner the better so insure your groceries will be shopped
  • The fee for this service is the cost of the groceries, $55 per hour plus 20% of your total bill.
  • Questions? Call The Beach Butlers directly, 850-296-8857 or