Staycation getaway to 30A: Adagio E101

One of the perks of my job is that I live in paradise – and that I am able to slip away to our luxury condos if there are a few days open.  Recently, after a busy Saturday of checking behind housekeepers,  calling guests to say their condo was ready, and adding more hangers (one of the small details that makes a big difference), my husband Tom and I checked into Adagio E101.

Adagio E101 is our newest pool front — it boasts a patio overlooking the 8,000 square foot pool and is just a few steps to the beach.   We took those few steps to the emerald green waters.   The beach chair rental chairs were down but there were plenty of guests still in the water and on their own chairs on the beach.   The waves were unusually big– and like kids, we ran in and body surfed.  The water was warm – no seaweed nor jellyfish.
Back in Adagio E101, my husband labeled it “well-appointed”.  Meaning that every time you wished for something – it was there!   Take a shower and there are hooks to hang your towels or wetsuit.  Sit in the extremely comfortable sectional couch and find the remote at your fingertips and a coaster by your side for your adult beverage.

As I prepared dinner, I was delighted by the Calphalon cookware and the Viking gas stovetop.  The owners have not missed a detail — Cuisinart blender and food processor as well as colorful knives in a wooden block.   I appreciated the spices since while I brought my own olive oils, I hadn’t brought spices.  Plenty of pretty dishes, glasses, silverware – and serving dishes to suit every size of side dishes.

We could have eaten outside on the six people outdoor table but opted to eat indoors on the long wooden table with comfortable rattan chairs.
We did take our wine in our “Your Friend at the Beach” plastic tumbler to the Hot Tub after dinner (no glass by pools or hot tub).  Although some are not too happy with the age limit (16 and older) on the hot tub, I must say it made for a calm relaxing evening.

We then changed – enjoying the shower soaps and fluffy 100% cotton towels – and walked to The Bowery just a half a block away.   They often have music on their upper deck but tonight we just enjoyed sitting at the vintage bar, chatting with the bartender Rush.

On our way, we spied the line at Blue Mountain Creamery and on our way back to Adagio, people were still there enjoying their delicious ice cream!
Back to the master bedroom with the plush top king mattress — heavenly!   Not too soft, not too firm – even Goldilocks would have loved it!
To be continued…

Blog Post Staycation E101  Part 2

After a great night’s rest on the new plush Sealy mattress in Adagio E101 – a newly updated luxury condo, we woke to the sound of rain out on the patio.   One question I am always asked by “friends” who want to come to the beach is “Will it rain?”  The answer is yes, but just wait five minutes!  So the morning rain rolled away and Tom and I rolled out on the two bikes thoughtfully provided by us for all of our Adagio guests.  We pedaled up Blue Mountain Rd, past LaLoba Bakery – sadly it is closed on Sundays because they have amazing oatmeal cookies and the best turkey wrap in the free world.  We veered off on side streets, marveling at how we could be so close to home but feel so set free.   A man and his son walking back from the beach asked us where we got our bikes.   We gladly told him to call Bob of Beach Dog Bike Rentals — Bob maintains his bikes well, is unfailingly cheerful, and he picks up and delivers. Some of my “friends” at the beach actually ask when they reserve their beach condo –“How’s Bob?  I need to call him for some bikes!”

A lazy afternoon on the blue chaise lounge on Adagio E101 reading a book while my husband watches the PGA on the flat screen TV – larger than ours at home!  We were treated to a spectacular sunset.  The best place to see it is on the beach walkover (unless you have a ringside seat in one of our eight Gulf front condos).     Dinner plans had to be made well ahead to get in our favorite restaurant “Café Tango” that is just a mile west of Adagio.   Intimate – only about ten tables total and our friends from New Orleans say it is as good as any restaurant there.  We agree!

Monday meant back to work…. But not before a last walk on the beach so I feel that sugar white sand in my toes!