How to Make the Best Sandcastle on the Gulf Coast of Florida

If you’ve ever been to 30A, Florida, you’ve probably spotted a beautifully crafted, towering sandcastle. The Gulf Coast of Florida is often pegged “The Sandcastle Coast” because of the ideal crafting conditions here! If you’ve seen one of these next-level seaside sculptures, you might be wondering how to make the best sandcastle yourself. Your Friend at the Beach is here to help! Below, we’ve listed everything you need to become the best sandcastle architect on 30A. For more local insight, be sure to unlock your free YFAB’s Vacation Guide!

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How to Make the Best Sandcastle on 30A

Start by Gathering the Right Supplies

If you truly want to elevate your sandcastle game, the key is to treat your creation like the work of art that it is. Any sculpture artist worth his or her weight in clay is always equipped with the tools of the trade. Before building your masterpiece in the sand, be sure to gather the following helpful items:

  • A bucket for every participant (for hauling water)
  • A few small trowels
  • Sandcastle molds
  • Something flat for leveling (a small plank of wood works well)
  • A spray bottle for moistening dry sand
  • A wooden spoon and/or butterknife for detailed carvings.

Often, sandcastle-making kits come with just about everything you need. Purchasing one of those is a great start if you don’t have time to gather all of the above materials!

Pick the Perfect Spot

We’ll let you in on a little secret: If you see bikes on the beach, it’s most likely a fantastic spot for sandcastle-building! The sand on bike-friendly beaches offers firmness and high amounts of moisture—the two most important aspects of the sand you’ll use for building. Here on the Emerald Coast, just about every beach offers ideal castle-crafting conditions! Try Blue Mountain Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, or Destin.

Use Your Imagination

The most important part of becoming an expert sandcastle architect is harnessing your imagination. This is especially important for the junior sandcastle builders in your party. After all, making sandcastles is one of the best things to do on 30A with kids! Let them know that breaking the mold (not literally—you may still need that!) ensures that your party’s creation is totally unique and memorable.

Learn from the Pros

Don’t know where to start or just need some sandy inspiration? Enjoy a hands-on learning experience when you book a 2-hour sandcastle building lesson with Beach Sand Sculptures! This unique company specializes in teaching people how to make seriously awesome sandcastles (and unforgettable memories) through demonstration. This experience is perfect for families, teams, companies, couples, and everyone in between. You’ll learn how to efficiently work together to create an intricately designed masterpiece that will wow all passersby.

Stay Just Steps Away from Your Beautiful Sandcastle!A Your Friend at the Beach condo; How to Make the Best Sandcastle

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