The Seaside Farmers Market Experience: What You Need to Know

I love a well-done farmers market, I love being able to support local farmers and get fresh meats, vegetables and more for my family. If you get in early on Saturday, Seaside’s Farmers Market is open from 8:00AM to noon every Saturday. 

The Seaside farmers market is one of my favorite markets to go to on 30A. The market is set up around the large grassy amphitheater and there are tents on either side of the sidewalk with vendors. There are about 30 vendors and growing weekly – everything from farm fresh vegetables to organic meats. 

Let me set the scene for you, I pull up to the farmer’s market and see young kids 

running around laughing and playing together. My 5-year-old, Landon, sees “friends” and is in heaven running right down there with them to play. I could walk around, but still able to keep an eye on him. After I got my shopping down, I laid a blanket out so the kids could play longer, and listened to the live music playing. They had to burn off some ice cream, more on that below!

Bread, in the words of Oprah “I love bread,” but seriously there is something about fresh baked bread that makes my mouth water. My mouth is watering now just thinking about it! I got the most delicious parmesan cheese bread from Black Bear Bread Company of Grayton Beach. They have 2 sizes, large and small, I got a small since it was just my husband and me. I was told you can freeze the bread to keep it fresh, I may just do that next time. The Parmesan bread was just as good as it smelt. A small loaf was only $5. They also have scones, muffins, danishes and more. 

Got milk? My kids drink chocolate milk like it’s going out of style. So, when I walked up to Ocheesee Creamery I was hesitant to ask if they had chocolate milk. Much to my surprise they did! I asked to try it, you know just in case, and it was delicious. It was so thick and creamy, I didn’t want my sample to end. So, I got the biggest bottle they offered. The milk comes in a glass bottle, which you can keep or exchange the following week or during the week at Fresh and Juicy to get your deposit back. Ocheesee Creamery has regular milk, cheese and ice cream. I grabbed a small ice cream for the kids to enjoy for being so good. The ice cream is just as good if not better than the chocolate milk! I couldn’t grab a picture with the full bottle, the kids (and I) opened it up when in Seaside. I’ll be back for more chocolate milk and regular milk. 

Seafood, the Emerald Coast is known for its seafood. I grabbed 2 crab cakes from Sarah K’s Gourmet, who has world famous jumbo lump crab cakes! Sarah K’s cakes are slightly smaller than a tennis ball and are covered with a lively golden brown, crisp crumb coating. These are real whoppers, weighing in at nearly a half-pound each! We had some friends in town so, I also grabbed a tub of snappy dip from JC’s Gourmet. I served it on cucumbers and Ritz crackers just like they had it at the Market. The dip is very light, but packed with flavor. 

I am looking forward to going back this Saturday, fill up on some chocolate milk, grab some more bread but also grab some organic meat from The Caveman’s Cupboard

Here are some tips: 

* Arrive early, parking can be tricky. If you are already check in at Adagio grab one of the 2 bikes we have for you and bike down. 

* Reusable bags, or any bag. You will need a bag to hold all your goodies. 

* Come hungry! Not only can you bring food home, but just about every vendor has samples and even food you can order and eat right there. 

* Bring cash, although some vendors except credit cards, better safe than sorry. 

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Shop Local, 

Tori Fox Stapleton